Tenali Raman and Two Thieves Story in English with Moral

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Tenali Raman and Two Thieves Story in English with Moral 

Tenali Raman and Two Thieves Story in English with Moral

Once upon a scorching time in Vijay Nagar, the heat was so intense that it led to a severe drought. Rivers and ponds dwindled, and even the lush garden behind Tenali Raman's house began to wither. 

Despite having a well in the garden, its water level had dropped drastically, making it arduous to draw even two buckets of water. Tenaliram started worrying about the garden. 

One evening, while inspecting the garden with his son, Tenali Raman pondered over irrigation methods. He debated whether to hire laborers for the task, knowing well that it would incur significant expenses. 

As he mulled over his options, he noticed a group of suspicious individuals across the road, exchanging secretive gestures. It didn't take long for him to realize they were thieves eyeing his house for a potential theft.

In a quick moment of wit, an idea to irrigate the garden came to Tenaliram's mind. He loudly instructed his son to move a box purportedly filled with valuables and coins into the well, 

He said in a loud voice to his son: Son! These are dry days. There are a lot of thieves and robbers roaming around. It is not right to keep that box of jewelery and Ashrafis in the house. Come, pick up that box and put it in this well, so that no one can steal it. 

After saying his words, Tenali Raman went inside the house with his son, leaving the thieves under the false impression that their loot was now securely hidden.

Later that night, as darkness veiled the landscape, the thieves approached Tenali Raman's house to execute their scheme. Unbeknownst to them, Tenaliram and his son were busy diverting water from the well into the garden beds using makeshift drains. 

Meanwhile, the thieves tirelessly fetched water from the well, intending to flood the garden and uncover the supposed treasure.

In the wee hours of the morning, as the first light of dawn pierced the horizon, a glimmer of metal caught thieves eye amidst the waterlogged soil. With nimble hands, the thieves retrieved the box, only to find it filled with nothing but stones. Realizing their foolishness the thieves fled in fear of getting caught.

The following day, Tenali Raman recounted the events to the Maharaj, who found humor in the situation, remarking on the irony of someone else's labor resulting in unexpected rewards.

Moral of the Story 

The moral of the story is that cleverness can outsmart greed.

Cleverness can outsmart greed.

In essence, Tenali Raman's cunning outwitted the thieves, turning their greed against them. It's a tale of clever deception and poetic justice, where hard work and ingenuity triumph over ill intentions.

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