The Peacock and The Crane Story – Moral , Summary with Pictures PDF


The Peacock and The Crane Story – A proud peacock flaunted its beautiful feathers, often mocking other birds for their plain appearances. One day, it encountered a crane by a lake and continued its boastful display. But the crane's response would teach the peacock a valuable lesson about humility and the true essence of beauty.

The Peacock and The Crane Story – Moral , Summary with Pictures PDF
 The Peacock and The Crane Story in English – Moral , Summary with Pictures

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The Peacock and The Crane Story in English with Moral

Origin of the Story

"The Peacock and the Crane" is an ancient fable attributed to Aesop, a storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece around 600 BCE. Aesop's fables have been passed down through oral tradition and later recorded in various collections. 

Characters of the Story 

In "The Peacock and the Crane," the main characters are:

1. The Peacock: A majestic bird known for its colorful and vibrant plumage. The peacock is depicted as proud, vain, and boastful of its beauty.

2. The Crane: A graceful bird known for its humility and wisdom. The crane serves as a foil to the peacock, demonstrating qualities such as humility, kindness, and insight.

The Peacock and The Crane Full Story with Pictures 

Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a graceful peacock named Pari and a clever crane named Chaya. Pari, with her colorful feathers and elegant strut, was the envy of all the birds in the forest. Chaya, though not as majestic as Pari, was known for her wit and sharp mind.

One sunny day, as they were strolling through the forest by a lake, Pari couldn't resist teasing Chaya. "Oh, Chaya, your feathers are as dull as dust! You look so plain and unremarkable," jeered Pari, strutting around with her feathers spread wide.

She boasted, "Look at my splendid feathers! Aren't they the most beautiful in the whole forest?"

Chaya nodded, acknowledging Pari's beauty, "Yes, Pari, your feathers are indeed magnificent. But remember, beauty is not everything. What good are your feathers if you cannot put them to use?"

Pari, feeling a bit offended, retorted, "What do you mean, Chaya? My feathers are admired by all. They bring me joy and admiration."

Chaya chuckled softly and said, "Yes, Pari, your feathers are admired by many, but can you fly as high as I can?"

Pari, feeling challenged, fluffed up her feathers proudly and said, "Of course, I can! My feathers are not just for show; they are practical too."

Chaya smiled knowingly and proposed a challenge, "Let's have a flying contest, Pari. We'll see who can fly higher."

Pari agreed confidently, thinking it would be an easy win. They both spread their wings and took off into the sky. Pari soared gracefully at first, but as they reached higher altitudes, she began to struggle. Her heavy, colorful feathers weighed her down, and soon she found herself unable to fly any higher.

Meanwhile, Chaya, with her slender and lightweight body, effortlessly soared higher and higher until she was just a tiny speck in the sky.

Pari, exhausted and humbled, returned to the ground defeated. "You were right, Chaya," she admitted. "Beauty alone cannot guarantee success. Your wisdom and practicality have won you the contest."

Chaya landed gracefully beside her and said with a wise smile, "Remember, Pari, it's not just what you have on the outside that matters. It's what you do with what you have that truly counts."

And from that day on, Pari, the Peacock learned to appreciate not only her outer beauty but also the value of wisdom and practicality, thanks to Chaya, the clever crane.

Moral of the Story: 

The Moral of the Story "The Crane and the Peacock" is that 

"Beauty is not the most important thing in the world."

Just as the peacock's vanity and arrogance distorted its self-image and led it to belittle others, the crane teaches us that beauty alone isn't the most valuable trait.

Remember, that true beauty comes from within. It's not just about how you look on the outside, but also about being kind, humble, and respectful to others. Like the crane in our story, always remember that beauty isn't the most important thing in the world. What truly matters is how you treat others and the goodness you carry in your heart.

Summary – The Peacock and the Crane Story 

Once upon a time, in the woods, there lived a stunning peacock who loved showing off its beautiful feathers and mocking other birds. One day, it met a crane by a lake and boasted about its colorful plumage. The crane, unimpressed, explained that true freedom came from being able to soar through the sky, not just looking pretty. Ashamed, the peacock fell silent, realizing there was more to being impressive than just appearances.

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