Tenali Raman and the Red Peacock Story in English

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Tenali Raman and the Red Peacock Story in English 

King Krishnadev Rai of Vijayanagara was very fond of collecting wonderful and unique things.

Every courtier was in search of such rare things to keep him happy so that he could give that thing to the Maharaja and become his well-wisher and also extort money.

Tenali Raman and the Red Peacock Story in English
Tenali Raman and the Red Peacock Story

Once a courtier did a unique trick. He got a peacock dyed red from an expert in colors and with that red peacock he went straight to the court of King Krishnadev Rai and said to the king – “Maharaj! I have brought a wonderful and unique peacock for you from the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh.”

King Krishnadev Rai looked at that peacock very carefully. He was very surprised… “Red Peacock…indeed you have ordered a wonderful thing for us. We will keep it with great safety in the national park. Well… tell me how much money did you have to spend in getting this peacock?”

When the courtier heard his praise, he became happy. In a very polite manner he said to the king, “Your Majesty, to bring this unique thing for you, I had sent two of my servants on a journey across the country. 

He continued searching for some amazing thing for years. Then somewhere, this unique red colored peacock was found in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. I have invested approximately twenty-five thousand rupees in those personal attendants..”

Hearing the words of that courtier, King Krishnadev Rai immediately ordered the minister, “Minister, twenty-five thousand rupees should be given to this gentleman from the treasury.”

After giving this order to the minister, the king again said to the courtier, “This is the money you have spent. Apart from this, you will also be given a suitable reward after a week.

What else did the courtier want? He started smiling at Tenali Ram with a devious expression.

Tenali Ram understood the meaning of his smile, but considering the time he thought it best to remain silent.

Tenali Ram also understood that red colored peacocks do not exist in any country. Is not found anywhere.

He felt that all this was definitely some trick of this courtier.

Just what then. Tenali Ram found the color expert who had prepared the red peacock the very next day.

Tenali Ram reached the painter with four more peacocks. He got them painted red and got them ready and the same day he took them to the court and said to the king, "Maharaj, our friend the courtier had ordered only one red peacock for twenty-five thousand rupees and I can buy even more beautiful four peacock peacocks for only fifty thousand rupees." I have brought a peacock.”

The king saw. In fact, all four peacocks of Tenali Ram were more beautiful and red in color than the peacock of that courtier.

The king had to order, “Fifty thousand rupees should be given to Tenali Ram from the treasury immediately.”

On hearing this order of King Krishnadev Rai, Tenali Ram pointed towards a man and said to the king, “Your Majesty, this artist is the rightful owner of the award, not me. This man is a unique painter. He is adept in the art of changing the color of any object. He is the one who has shown the art of changing the color of blue peacocks to red.”

Now it did not take long for the king to understand the whole matter. He understood that the courtier had fooled him and cheated him of money on the first day.

The king immediately ordered the courtier to return twenty-five thousand rupees along with a fine of five thousand rupees and rewarded the painter.

What would the poor courtier do? He remained with his face blank.

In his obsession to please King Krishnadev Rai, he had to lose five thousand rupees.

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