Little Red Riding Hood Story for Kids with Moral, Pictures, Summary, PDF

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Little Red Riding Hood Story with Moral – In today's world, where the safety of children is a top concern, the story of Little Red Riding Hood holds more relevance than ever. 

It reminds us that it is crucial to teach our children about stranger danger and the importance of being cautious while venturing out alone. 

The story also highlights the need for children to listen to their parents and follow their instructions.

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Little Red Riding Hood Story for Kids with Moral, Pictures, Summary and PDF

Origin / Author of the Story

Its origins can be traced back to European folklore, with the earliest known printed version appearing in the 17th century. However, the tale likely existed in oral tradition long before that.

The most famous version of "Little Red Riding Hood" is the one collected by Charles Perrault and published in his collection of fairy tales, "Tales of Mother Goose" (French: "Les Contes de ma Mère l'Oye"), in 1697. Perrault's version, titled "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" in French.

Characters of the Story 

The key characters of "Little Red Riding Hood" in brief:

Little Red Riding Hood: The main protagonist, a young girl who wears a red hooded cloak.

Mother: Little Red Riding Hood's mother, who gives her daughter instructions before she sets off to visit her grandmother.

Grandmother: Little Red Riding Hood's elderly relative who lives in the forest.

The Wolf: The antagonist of the story, who encounters Little Red Riding Hood in the forest and tricks her.

Woodcutter/Huntsman: In some versions, a woodcutter or huntsman rescues Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother from the wolf's belly.

These characters play essential roles in the narrative, with Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf being central to the story's conflict.

Little Red Riding Hood Story with Moral 

Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled deep within a dense forest, there lived a sweet little girl named Little Red Riding Hood

She was known for her bright red cloak, which she wore everywhere, earning her the affectionate nickname.

Little Red Riding Hood Story with Moral
Little Red Riding Hood Moral Story with Pictures 

One sunny morning, Little Red Riding Hood's mother called out to her, "Little Red, dear, take this basket of goodies to your grandmother. 

She's feeling under the weather and could use some cheering up."

"Of course, Mother," Little Red replied cheerfully, taking the basket. "I'll make sure Grandma gets them right away."

Mother: "Now, Little Red Riding Hood, remember what I've told you. Stay on the path and don't talk to strangers."

Little Red Riding Hood: "Yes, Mother, I promise. I'll be careful."

Mother: "And don't dawdle. Your grandmother is waiting for you, and the forest can be a dangerous place."

Little Red Riding Hood: "I understand, Mother. I'll go straight to Grandma's house without stopping."

Mother: "That's my girl. Keep your hood up and your wits about you. Off you go now."

Little Red Riding Hood: "Goodbye, Mother. I'll see you soon!"

Mother: "Goodbye, dear. Take care."

As Little Red made her way through the forest, she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched.

Unbeknownst to her, a cunning wolf had been eyeing her every move, his stomach growling at the thought of a delicious meal.

"Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood," the wolf said, emerging from behind a tree.

"Good morning, Mr. Wolf," Little Red replied politely, though she felt a shiver run down her spine.

Little Red Riding Hood Story with Moral
Little Red Riding Hood Moral Story with Pictures

"And where might you be off to with such a lovely basket?" the wolf inquired, his eyes gleaming with hunger.

"I'm taking these goodies to my grandmother. She's not feeling well," Little Red explained, clutching the basket tightly.

"How kind of you," the wolf remarked, his lips curling into a sinister smile. "And where does your grandmother live, might I ask?"

"Oh, she lives just beyond the forest, in a cozy little cottage by the stream," Little Red answered innocently.

The wolf's eyes narrowed as he formulated a plan. "Well then, Little Red Riding Hood, why don't you take the scenic route through the forest? It's much faster, and I'm sure your grandmother would appreciate your company."

Little Red hesitated for a moment, but then nodded. "That sounds like a good idea, Mr. Wolf. Thank you!"

As they walked together through the forest, the wolf tried to contain his excitement, knowing that soon he would have both the goodies and a tasty grandmother to feast upon.

While she took the long route through the forest, the wolf rushed to the grandmother's house, gobbled her up, and disguised himself as her by wearing her clothes and glasses.

When Little Red Riding Hood reached her grandmother's house, she was surprised to see that her grandmother looked different. 

She couldn't recognize the wolf in disguise and was fooled into believing that he was her grandmother. 

Little Red Riding Hood Story with Moral
Little Red Riding Hood Moral Story with Pictures

The wolf, pretending to be the grandmother, asked her to come closer and Little Red Riding Hood, not knowing any better, went closer to him. 

However, Little Red's instincts began to kick in, and she started to feel uneasy. "Mr. Wolf, why do you have such big ears?" she asked, eyeing his large, pointed ears.

"All the better to hear you with, my dear," the wolf replied smoothly, his heart racing with anticipation.

"And why do you have such big eyes?" Little Red continued, growing more suspicious by the second.

"All the better to see you with, my dear," the wolf answered, struggling to maintain his composure.

"And why do you have such big teeth?" Little Red pressed on, her voice trembling slightly.

"All the better to eat you with!" the wolf exclaimed, unable to contain his hunger any longer as he lunged towards Little Red.

Little Red Riding Hood Story with Moral
Little Red Riding Hood Moral Story with Pictures

Just then, a woodcutter who was passing by, heard her screams and came to her rescue. 

He quickly realized what was happening and rescued Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother from the wolf's clutches.

From that day on, Little Red Riding Hood was more cautious and learned not to trust strangers easily. 

She also understood the importance of listening to her parents and not wandering off alone. 

The wolf, on the other hand, learned a valuable lesson and never dared to harm anyone again.

Moral of the Story – Little Red Riding Hood 

The story of Little Red Riding Hood teaches us important lessons about the dangers of trusting strangers and the consequences of disobeying our parents. 

It also shows the importance of being brave and standing up for oneself in the face of danger.

Summary of the Story Little Red Riding Hood 

A young girl in a red hood encounters a cunning wolf on her way to her grandmother's house. The wolf deceives her, devours her grandmother, and attempts to eat Little Red Riding Hood. The tale serves as a cautionary narrative, warning against the dangers of talking to strangers and straying from one's path. 

This timeless tale has been passed down through generations and continues to be a favorite among children and adults alike.

Little Red Riding Hood's story has been retold in various forms, be it books, movies, or plays.

However, the essence of the story and its moral remains the same – to be cautious, trust our instincts, and listen to our loved ones. 

So, let us all take a leaf out of Little Red Riding Hood's book and remember her tale whenever we step out into the big bad world.

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