Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story

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Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story  –These stories, among many others, showcase the wit, intelligence, and problem-solving skills of both Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya, making them enduring figures in Indian folklore and history.

Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story

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Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story 

These stories not only shows how clever Tenali Raman was but also reminds us that even kings need someone to look out for them sometimes. And that's how Tenali Raman became one of the most trusted advisors in the Vijayanagara Empire's history.

Story #1 - The Kings Health

KrishnaDevaRaya was the most powerful king of the Vijayanagara Empire. Writers were greatly respected in his court. Apart from being a king, he was also a poet and writer. The coming Mughal rulers also followed the political system of KrishnaDevaraya. There was a wise courtier named Tenali Raman in his court, on whose advice he depended. 

But KrishnaDevaRaya got careless about his health at one point. He ate too much and got fat and grumpy. The doctors warned him about it, but he didn't listen at first. Then he said, "Okay, treat me. But if you can't make me better, I'll chop your heads off!" None of the doctors dared to treat him after that threat.

So, they went to Tenali Raman for help. He saw it as a puzzle to solve. Then one day, an astrologer said the king would die in a month. The king got scared and locked up the astrologer. He wanted to see if the prophecy was true.

After a month passed and nothing happened, the king was angry with the astrologer. But the astrologer told him to look in the mirror. It was Tenali Raman who had set up the whole thing to scare the king into taking care of himself. The king was impressed and promised to listen to Tenali Raman from then on.

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Story #2 – The Most Precious Thing

There are many fascinating stories about Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya! One popular tale involves a competition between Tenali Raman and the other courtiers to prove who was the cleverest.

In this story, the king challenged his courtiers to find the most precious thing in the world. Each courtier presented valuable treasures like jewels and gold, but Tenali Raman came forward with a simple looking ring. He claimed that the most precious thing in the world was wisdom.

To prove his point, Tenali Raman told a story about a wise man who possessed a magical ring. Whenever he felt sad, he would look at the inscription on the ring, which said, "This too shall pass." This reminder helped him through both good and bad times, teaching him the value of wisdom and perspective.

Impressed by Tenali Raman's wisdom, Krishnadevaraya declared him the winner of the competition. This story illustrates Tenali Raman's wit and intelligence, as well as his ability to teach valuable lessons through storytelling.

Story #3 – The King and the Parrot 

Another famous story involves Tenali Raman's quick thinking to solve a problem faced by the king. Once, Krishnadevaraya received a gift of a rare and expensive parrot from a foreign diplomat. The parrot had the remarkable ability to mimic anyone's voice perfectly.

However, the king soon discovered that the parrot had a mischievous streak and would repeat scandalous rumors it overheard in the court. Worried about the damage it could cause, Krishnadevaraya sought Tenali Raman's advice.

Tenali Raman devised a clever solution. He whispered a secret message into the parrot's ear, instructing it to fly over the neighboring kingdom and repeat the message to the king there. The message, however, contained false information that would make the neighboring king feel insulted.

As expected, the parrot flew to the neighboring kingdom and repeated the message to their king. Enraged, the neighboring king declared war on Krishnadevaraya's kingdom. However, before any harm could be done, Tenali Raman revealed the truth to both kings, defusing the tension and earning the gratitude of Krishnadevaraya.

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