The Farmer and The Snake Full Story with its Origin, Characters, Moral, Summary

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The Farmer and The Snake Story – "The Farmer and the Snake" is a special story for kids. It teaches important lessons about kindness and trust. It's about a nice farmer who tries to help a dangerous snake. But what happens next? You'll have to read the story to find out!

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The Farmer and The Snake Full Story with its Origin, Characters, Moral, Summary 

The Farmer and The Snake Full Story with its Origin, Characters, Moral, Summary

Origin/ Author of the Story

The Farmer and the Snake” is a famous story by Aesop, a wise storyteller from long ago. It teaches us that being nice to someone who is mean might end in them hurting us back. This story has been told in different ways over time, but the lesson stays the same: be careful who you trust, especially if they haven't been kind to you.

Characters of the Story

The characters in "The Farmer and the Snake" story are:

  1. The generous Farmer - He is a kind and hardworking person who helps others in need.
  2. The deadly Snake - This snake is venomous and is found by the farmer in need of help.

The Farmer and The Snake Story 

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village nestled amidst rolling green hills, there lived a humble and hardworking farmer named John. John was known throughout the village for his generous spirit and his unwavering honesty. He had a small but thriving farm just outside the village where he grew all sorts of crops, from golden corn to juicy tomatoes.

Every day, John would wake up before the crack of dawn and head out to tend to his fields. He would work tirelessly until the sun dipped below the horizon, ensuring that his crops were well cared for and ready to be harvested. Despite the challenges of farming, John always had a smile on his face and a kind word for his neighbors.

One chilly morning, as John made his way to the fields, he noticed something unusual near a bush at the edge of his property. 

Curious, he went closer and discovered a venomous snake lying motionless on the ground, its scales shimmering in the early morning light. The snake looked weak and frail, its breaths shallow and labored.

John's heart went out to the poor creature. Despite knowing the danger, he couldn't bear to see any living being suffer. Without hesitation, he carefully picked up the snake and cradled it in his arms, hoping to warm it up and revive it.

As the warmth from John's body enveloped the snake, it slowly began to stir. Its eyes flickered open, and it weakly slithered around in John's embrace. Grateful for the farmer's kindness, the snake rested against him, soaking in the warmth and strength that he offered.

Hours passed, and with John's care and warmth, the snake regained its strength and vitality. It moved away from John's embrace, its sleek form gliding gracefully across the ground. But just as John began to feel a sense of satisfaction at having saved a life, the snake suddenly turned and sank its fangs into the farmer's arm.

Pain seared through John's body as the venom spread rapidly, paralyzing his limbs and clouding his vision. With a heavy heart, he sank to the ground, his strength ebbing away with each passing moment. As darkness closed in around him, John's thoughts turned to the snake he had tried to save, wondering why it had repaid his kindness with such betrayal.

The farmer looked at the snake and questioned, "Why did you bite me? I was only trying to be kind to you!"

The snake, showing no remorse, answered, "You knew I was a snake when you chose to pick me up."

In his final moments, John whispered a warning to those who gathered around him, his voice barely a whisper in the still morning air. "Beware," he said, his words a solemn echo of the truth he had learned. "Even the kindest heart can be deceived by those who harbor malice within."

And with those words, John closed his eyes for the last time, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and a cautionary tale of trust misplaced.

Moral of the Story 

The moral of this story "The Farmer and The Snake" is simple: be careful who you help, as some people may not appreciate it and could even harm you in return. 

Some people never change, no matter how kindly we treat them, so it's important to be cautious and keep our distance from those who only care about themselves.

Children can learn to be cautious and choose wisely whom they help in real life, avoiding potential harm or betrayal.

Summary of the Story – The Farmer and the Snake

Once upon a time, there was a kind farmer who lived in a village. He worked hard in his fields to grow crops and make a living for his family. One chilly morning, as he headed to his field, he found a freezing snake lying on the ground. Despite knowing the danger, he felt sorry for the snake and decided to warm it up with his own body heat.

After some time, the snake regained its strength, but instead of being grateful, it bit the farmer, causing him great harm. As the farmer lay dying, he warned others not to trust those who might betray kindness.

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