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The Ant and the Dove story in English with Moral – Once upon a time, in a big forest, there were two friends: a tiny ant and a gentle dove. Their story teaches us important lessons about being kind and helping others.

The Ant and The Dove Story in English with Moral and Images

Author and Origin – The Ant and The Dove Story

This story comes from Aesop, a wise storyteller from ancient Greece who lived a long time ago. People still tell his stories today because they have great lessons.

Full Story – The Ant and The Dove Story

In a busy anthill under a big tree, there lived a little ant named Andy. He worked hard every day, gathering food for his ant friends. One hot day, while collecting grains near a pond, Andy slipped and fell into the water. He couldn't swim and started to drown.

Suddenly, a kind dove named Daisy saw Andy struggling. She quickly flew down, grabbed him with her beak, and placed him safely on dry land. Andy was so thankful to be alive

Days went by peacefully until one day, a hunter came to the forest with a net, hoping to catch Daisy for his dinner. But Daisy spotted the danger and tried to fly away. Unfortunately, she got tangled in the hunter's net.

Hearing Daisy's cries for help, Andy hurried over. Using his strong jaws, he chewed through the net until Daisy was free. Together, they flew away, leaving the puzzled hunter behind.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us to be kind and help others, just like Andy and Daisy did for each other. No matter how small or different someone is, true friends always stick together and help when it's needed most.

Summary of The Ant and The Dove Story

In a big forest, a little ant named Andy and a gentle dove named Daisy became friends. When Andy fell into the water and Daisy saved him, they became even closer. Later, when Daisy was in danger from a hunter, Andy returned the favor and saved her. This story reminds us that friendship and kindness are really important.

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