Beggar and Chapati Never Do Wrong – English Story with Moral Lesson

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Beggar and Chapati Never Do Wrong – Ever wonder if you have to be perfect to be good? Well, get ready for a story that shows just how wonderful imperfection can be! Follow along as a friendly beggar and a magical chapati go on an adventure. Along the way, they learn that... Let's read! 

Beggar and Chapati Never Do Wrong – English Story with Moral Lesson

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Beggar and Chapati Never Do Wrong – English Story with Moral Lesson 

Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a kind-hearted beggar named Ravi. Ravi was always ready with a smile, even when his stomach growled from hunger. He wore tattered clothes but had a heart as big as the sky.

One hot afternoon, as Ravi trudged along the dusty road, his empty stomach reminded him it was time to eat. He knocked on doors, asking for food, but the villagers turned him away, too busy with their own lives to notice his plea.

Feeling disheartened, Ravi sat under a shady tree, his hunger gnawing at him like a mischievous squirrel. "I wish I had something to eat," he sighed, looking at the cloudless sky.

The Talking Chapati

Suddenly, a voice startled him. "Why don't you make yourself something to eat?" it said.

Ravi blinked in surprise. He looked around, but there was no one in sight. "Who said that?" he asked, scratching his head.

"It's me, the chapati!" the voice replied, coming from a lump of dough lying in Ravi's bag.

Ravi's eyes widened with amazement. "A talking chapati?" he exclaimed, hardly believing his ears.

"Yes, indeed!" the chapati replied cheerfully. "And I'm here to help you. Just add some water, and we'll have a delicious meal in no time!"

Ravi chuckled, feeling a spark of hope in his heart. He took out his small pot and filled it with water from a nearby stream. With gentle hands, he kneaded the dough, shaping it into a perfect round chapati.

As Ravi was about to cook the chapati on a makeshift stove, it spoke again. "Wait, Ravi! Before you eat me, remember, I can only be eaten by someone who hasn't done any wrong."

Ravi paused, his brow furrowed in thought. "But who in this world hasn't done any wrong?" he mused aloud.

"Don't worry, Ravi. Let's find someone together," the chapati suggested, its voice filled with optimism.

Encounters Along the Way

So off they went, Ravi and the talking chapati, on a quest to find someone pure of heart.

Along the way, they met a little girl named Maya, who was crying because she had broken her mother's favorite vase. "I'm sorry," Maya sniffled, wiping her tears. "I didn't mean to, but I accidentally knocked it over."

"It's okay, Maya. We all make mistakes," Ravi comforted her, patting her shoulder gently.

Next, they encountered a playful puppy named Buddy, who had chewed up his owner's shoes. "I couldn't help it," Buddy whimpered, his tail tucked between his legs. "They just looked so tasty!"

Ravi chuckled, scratching Buddy behind the ears. "You're forgiven, Buddy. Just try not to chew on shoes next time!"

As they journeyed on, Ravi and the chapati met many more people and animals, each with their own faults and apologies. But none seemed truly faultless.

A Serene Old Tree

Just as Ravi was beginning to lose hope, they stumbled upon a serene old tree standing tall by the riverbank. "Hello there, dear friends," the tree greeted them with a rustle of its leaves. "What brings you to my humble abode?"

"We're on a quest to find someone who hasn't done any wrong," Ravi explained, his eyes hopeful yet uncertain.

The tree nodded thoughtfully. "Ah, I see. Well, I have stood here for many years, witnessing the world go by. And in all that time, I have never knowingly caused harm to anyone."

Ravi's face lit up with joy. "Then you must be the one!" he exclaimed, holding out the chapati.

But as soon as he broke the chapati in half, a swarm of ants emerged from the tree's trunk, scurrying in every direction.

The tree sighed. "Alas, even I have unintentionally harmed these tiny creatures. It seems no one is truly without fault."

Acceptance and Understanding

Ravi nodded, his heart heavy with disappointment. But then, a realization dawned on him. "Perhaps the chapati meant something else," he mused aloud. "Maybe it's not about finding someone who has never done any wrong, but about accepting our faults and striving to be better."

The chapati nodded eagerly. "Exactly, Ravi! We all make mistakes, but it's how we learn and grow from them that truly matters."

With newfound understanding, Ravi broke the chapati into smaller pieces and shared it with the tree and the ants. As they savored the simple meal together, Ravi felt a warmth spread through his soul, knowing that kindness and forgiveness were the true ingredients of a pure heart.

And from that day on, Ravi continued his journey with a lighter step and a brighter smile, spreading love and compassion wherever he went.

The Moral of the Story is: 

Accepting our faults and striving to be better is the true essence of purity.

And so, dear children, remember the tale of Ravi and the talking chapati, and let it remind you that even in our imperfections, we can find beauty, kindness, and the power to make the world a better place.

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