Unity is Strength Story in English with Moral Written Pictures

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Unity is Strength Story in English with Moral Written Pictures – Explore the timeless wisdom of unity through a captivating collection of moral stories. 

In a world often divided, these tales illuminate the power of collaboration and teamwork. From fables of forest creatures to legendary adventures, discover how unity transforms challenges into triumphs in this enriching journey of reflection.

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Unity is Strength Story in English with Moral Written Pictures

The Power of Unity: Tales from the Forest

Unity is Strength Story in English with Moral Written Pictures

Once upon a time in a thick forest, there was a group of creatures - an old and wise lion, a mighty and robust elephant, a clever and crafty fox, and a swift and agile rabbit. 

Although each animal had distinctive talents and skills, they frequently quarreled and competed with one another, constantly attempting to prove their superiority.

One day, a fierce and dangerous predator entered the forest, jeopardizing the safety of all the creatures. 

The lion, being the natural leader, proposed that they join forces and collaborate to confront the threat. 

However, the other animals were too immersed in their petty arguments and disregarded the lion's advice.

As the predator's assaults became more frequent, the animals began to realize the gravity of their circumstances. 

The fox suggested forming a strategy that would utilize each member's abilities. 

The elephant with its might would build a barrier, the fox would devise traps using its intelligence, and the rabbit would utilize its speed to communicate messages.

With newly found unity and teamwork, the animals succeeded in driving away the predator.

 Each creature played a vital role, and they finally grasped the power of working together as a team.

From that day forward, the forest animals stayed united and functioned as a team to tackle any challenges ahead. 

They realized that by combining their unique strengths and talents, they could accomplish far more than they ever could alone.

Moral of the Story: Unity and teamwork triumph over individual superiority.

The Bundle of Sticks Moral Story 

Once upon a time in a village, there lived an elderly man with his three hardworking yet quarrelsome sons. 

Though the villagers valued the sons' diligence, they mocked their constant bickering. 

Over months, the father tried unsuccessfully to unite his feuding children.

When the old man eventually fell ill, he implored his sons to make peace, but they ignored him. So he devised a practical lesson to mend their differences and foster unity.

The father instructed each son to break a bundle of ten sticks into pieces. They quickly accomplished the task. As expected, the brothers soon began quarreling over who finished first.

Next, the father gave each son another bundle and challenged them to break the sticks together as a bundle rather than separately. Despite their best efforts, the brothers failed to break the bundled sticks.

When the defeated sons reported back, the father explained, "You easily broke the single sticks but could not break the bundle. Likewise, united you are strong, but divided you are weak."

Finally comprehending the power of unity, the brothers promised their father to stand united no matter what.

Moral of the Story: Unity is strength.

The Pigeons and The Hunter Moral Story

A crow was flying to town one day when he saw a hunter approaching a tree, carrying seeds in his hand. The crow thought, "This hunter wants to kill someone! He's using those seeds as bait to lure birds."

So the crow went back to the tree and warned the other animals living there, "Friends, a dangerous hunter is coming this way. He has tasty-looking grains to tempt you. Don't touch any of them or he'll take your life."

Just as the crow predicted, the hunter scattered the seeds near the tree. None of the birds or animals went for the bait.

But a flock of pigeons flew down from the sky and started eating the seeds. Before they knew it, the hunter had thrown his net over them and trapped them.

"It was a trap!" the pigeons cried out to their king. "Now this evil hunter will kill us all!"

"Don't worry," the king reassured them. "I have a plan. But we all need to work together for it to succeed."

"When I count to three, everyone flap your wings hard and fly up carrying the net," the king instructed.

As the hunter came over to the net, he thought how lucky he was to catch so many birds in one day. But he was in for a big surprise!

The birds flapped their wings furiously and flew straight up into the sky right before his eyes, taking the net with them.

"Wait, you're taking my net!" the hunter shouted.

But the birds had flown too high for him to do anything about it. "Let's go to my friend the rat king," the pigeon king suggested once they were safely away. "He can chew through the net and free us with his sharp teeth."

The pigeons flew to the rat king, who was delighted to see his friend even though he was trapped.

The rat king gathered all his buddies, and in minutes the pigeons were freed from the net.

"When you stand together, there's nothing you can't do!" the rat king declared to the liberated pigeons.

Moral of the Story: When you work together, you always win.

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