Panchatantra Stories in English Monkey and the Crocodile

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Panchatantra Stories in English Monkey and the Crocodile – Welcome readers! Get ready to uncover the secrets of true friendship and learn how to outsmart tricky situations. 

Panchatantra Stories in English Monkey and the Crocodile
Panchatantra Stories in English Monkey and the Crocodile 

So grab your imagination and let's journey together through the enchanting tale of 'The Monkey and the Crocodile'!"

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Origin and Author of the Story – Monkey and the Crocodile 

The story of "The Monkey and the Crocodile" is a popular folktale that has its origins in Indian folklore. 

It's one of the many tales found in the ancient Indian collection of animal fables known as the Panchatantra, which is believed to have been written around the 3rd century BCE by an Indian scholar named Vishnu Sharma.

The Monkey and the Crocodile Short Story with Moral 

Long ago, there was a large crocodile living in the Ganges River. The river flowed through a dense jungle, lined on both sides by tall jamun trees and other fruit trees. 

In one of these trees lived a big monkey named Raktamukha. He happily spent his days eating fruits from the tree and jumping between the trees. 

Sometimes he would climb down, bathe in the river, and rest on the bank for a while.

One day, the crocodile emerged from the river and sat under the big jamun tree where the monkey lived. 

Seeing the crocodile resting below, the monkey, who was sitting high up on a branch, became eager to befriend him.

"Since you're resting under my tree, you're my guest," said the monkey. "It's my duty to offer you food."

The monkey gave jamuns and other fruits to the crocodile, who ate them gratefully. 

They talked for hours, soon becoming close friends who looked forward to seeing each other daily. 

Each morning the monkey would watch for the crocodile, who would swim up to the tree as early as he could. They would chat and the monkey would give him delicious jamuns.

One day the monkey gave some fruits to the crocodile for his wife too. The crocodile happily brought them to his wife and told her the whole story.

The next day, the crocodile's wife said, "My dear, if these fruits are so tasty, the monkey who eats them must be ten times tastier. Bring me his heart to eat!"

Shocked, the crocodile said, "He's my friend, it wouldn't be right to take his heart."

"Then you don't love me!" his wife wept.

"Don't cry, I'll bring you his heart," the crocodile assured her.

The crocodile swiftly swam to the monkey's tree. "My wife is angry I haven't invited you to dinner. Come home with me," he said sadly.

"But how can I go with you?" asked the monkey. "I can't swim."

"Don't worry, ride on my back and I'll take you," offered the crocodile.

The monkey happily got on the crocodile's back. Midstream, frightened by the surrounding water, the monkey asked the crocodile to swim slower so he wouldn't fall in.

Sensing an opportunity with the monkey unable to escape, the crocodile revealed his true intent: "I'm taking you to my wife, who wants to eat your heart. 

She says since you eat tasty fruits always, your heart must be ten times tastier."

Shocked at this betrayal from his friend, the monkey kept calm and cleverly said, "I'd be honored to offer my heart, but alas, you didn't tell me earlier! I left it in the hollow of my tree, as I usually do."

"Oh no, we must go back for it," said the crocodile, turning around.

Reaching the bank, the monkey jumped off and raced up his tree.

The crocodile waited below for hours for the monkey to return with his heart. 

Finally realizing he'd been tricked, the crocodile called up, "You must have found your heart by now, please come down! My wife must be worried."

The monkey laughed from the treetop. "You foolish friend, no one can remove their heart! It was a trick to save my life and teach a lesson to a treacherous friend like you. Now leave!"

The crocodile went home, head hung in shame

The cunning monkey had taught the crocodile a valuable lesson: that true friendship cannot be bought or manipulated. 

And as for the monkey, he continued to live peacefully in his tree, surrounded by the beauty of the forest, and the wisdom of his own cleverness.

Moral of the Story the Monkey and the Crocodile 

The moral of the story "The Monkey and the Crocodile" is that true friendship is built on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. 

It teaches us to be cautious of those who may try to deceive us for their own gain and to use our wit and intelligence to navigate tricky situations. 

Monkey and Crocodile Story Summary in 10 Lines 

Once upon a time, there was a monkey who lived in a tree by a river. 

He and a crocodile became friends. 

The crocodile's wife craved the monkey's heart for her dinner. 

The clever monkey realized the crocodile's plan and told him that he left his heart in the tree. 

The monkey's quick wit saved him. 

The crocodile returned home empty-handed. The monkey stayed safe in his tree, and their friendship ended. 

The moral of the story is to be cautious of false friends and to use your wit to outsmart dangers.

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